How esports betting is developing in Africa

Due to the worldwide epidemic last year, esports betting has become one of the top betting sports in Africa. During the lockdown, sports fans and bettors may enjoy indoor diversions like internet betting and virtual games from the comfort of their homes. As a consequence, esports grew in popularity.

A panel of specialists at the SBC Digital Summit Africa explored the rise of esports. They gathered to discuss esports and its possibilities in the African betting business.

Emmanuel Oyelakin, creator and CEO of Extraordinary Gamers, Sidick Bakayo,

managing director of Paradise Game, Douglas Ogeto, CEO of Ludique Works, Kwesi Hayford, president of Ghana Esports Association, and Ryan Macquet, founder of African Electronic Sports Association. Code Red Esports COO Luke Cotton moderated the conference.

Sidick Bakayo, Managing Director of Paradise Game, is bullish about esports betting in Africa. He compares esports to the African film business. The movie business changed 15 years ago, and the esports betting industry will change in the future years.

He also noted that the worldwide epidemic is transforming the esports environment. It has benefited the esports world. Now people approach video games differently. They now see it as entertainment and a betting platform. Sidick believes esports betting will grow in the future.

He also suggested that Africa has the potential to grow esports betting.

Africa has a vast population that enjoys sports and will continue to expand. The esports boom in Africa is unstoppable Regardless, the middle class drives the sports economy.

Douglas Ogeto, CEO of Ludique Works, agreed with Sidick that the African betting and esports industries are growing. Africa, he says, has its own way. He said that Africa is designing games for the African setting. The goal is to create a competitive esports industry.

Ogeto emphasized Ghana’s localization of the card game poker. For this reason, the firm discovered and produced games that appeal to the local market. The tailored games were a hit in Ghana. He said that additional localized games are in the works.

According to Ghana Esports Association President Kwesi Hayford,

Africa is hungry for gambling. Gaming betting is widespread in Ghana. Ghanaian esports betting is unique. Players wager between themselves, not on an esports betting platform. It’s called “loser pay, winner remain.”

In the little game dens, the audience bets on two players. They agree that whomever wins the game gets the money. Africa has always had this kind of betting. Emmanuel from Extraordinary Gamers concluded the debate by stating that for the African esports community to grow, organizers and operators must collaborate. The parties may discover shared issues and develop solutions jointly. Moreover, esports companies must follow the guidelines.

On the continent, the US and Europe have a head start. ‘Will Africa’s esports betting scene catch up?’ Africa’s esports betting sector is still growing.

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