Birds! Online Slot Rating and Review

Birds! is a game that may appeal to both casual gamers and rookie punters, as it provides you with an adorable and engaging presentation as well as a one-of-a-kind method of awarding winnings that does not rely on paylines. If you can obtain huge clusters of birds on the screen that all have the same feathers, you will increase your chances of winning real money payments, which may reach up to 13,650 coins each cluster.

In addition to having some hybrid cluster pay mechanisms, Birds! comes complete with BetSoft’s tried-and-true double-up feature as well as a free spins bonus that ensures a certain number of winning spins. Both of these features may be found in the game. You will have the opportunity to take use of these elements and the slot’s one-of-a-kind gameplay regardless of where you are located thanks to the fact that it can be played on any sort of device, including mobile phones.

Instructions for Playing the Birds! Online Slot Game

Betsoft’s Birds! is a slot machine that, judging by its outward appearance, caters to casual gamers and newcomers, and the game’s gameplay is quite straightforward. Your first step in the game is to decide how much money you want to wager by adjusting the coin value and the level of your bet, both of which are located on the left side of the screen. These options let you to change your stake to match your playing budget and set it at any value between a very low wager of 0.25 credits every spin and an extremely large bet of 250 credits per turn.

Not only does this slot game not have any paylines, but it also pays out based on each individual symbol, which is another peculiar aspect of it. Each symbol that is matched in a sequence results in the payment of a predefined reward. This prize is paid out in coins and grows in value as the amount of your wager rises. Playing for real money at the first betting level will give you the opportunity to earn rewards ranging from 1 to 182 coins per symbol, with a maximum win of 2,730 coins available for each winning sequence (182 coins x 15 symbols as the highest sequence). However, if you boost the bet level to its maximum of five, the rewards will climb to a maximum of 13,650 coins for each spin. And that’s if you don’t take into consideration the cascading function, which has the potential to add a significant amount of extra cash to your payments.

Birds! is also available in a more condensed, mobile-optimized version that can be played on any device that runs the iOS or Android operating system. This version is ideal for players who like gambling at online casinos while on the go. When you move to a mobile device, you will notice that there are less buttons on your screen. The slot machine will provide you easy access to simply the spin control, while all of the other wager options will be concealed within the game’s menu. This is to be expected.

Features & Free Games Featuring Birds

This slot machine has some strange mechanisms, which is one of the things that makes it such a fascinating piece of gaming equipment. This slot machine is a “chain reaction game,” which means that it pays out for on-screen responses that are triggered rather than paying out for matching symbols on a payline. The chain reaction feature is a hybrid of the “cluster pays” mechanism and the cascading reels mechanic. It pays out when you gather three or more matching bird symbols on your screen that contact in either the horizontal or vertical direction, but not in the diagonal direction.

If you build a cluster that pays out, the slot machine will award you a reward for each symbol in the cluster, pay you the prize, and then remove the winning symbols and replace them with new, fresh icons, giving you a second opportunity to win money without charging you any further fees. In addition, after all of the prizes have been awarded, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your earnings with a feature called “double-up.” This function, which can be accessed through the “Double Up” menu on your screen, is a simple coin-tossing game that gives you the option of betting either one hundred percent or fifty percent of your reward in the hopes of doubling it by selecting “heads” or “tails.”

When you get a payment, one of the other things that occurs is that the game adds one point to the unique Flight Meter that is located on the left side of your screen. By racking up many wins in a row, you may fill up this meter more quickly and increase your chances of winning one of the slot machine’s free spins bonuses. If you have four to six consecutive wins, you will only be eligible for a bonus of 8 to 20 free spins; however, if you have seven or more consecutive wins, you will be awarded a prize of 14 free spins in addition to a guaranteed number of winning rounds!

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