Slot Information for Atlantis Power Combo

Infinity Dragon Studios’ August 2023 release of the Atlantis Power Combo slot machine is compatible with Microgaming’s online gambling sites.

Players may spin the reels for a chance to win up to 10,000 times their money on a single spin, with the subject of the slot being Atlantis, the city that sank under the waves.

Yukon Gold Casino, one of the most successful brands owned by Casino Rewards, has been given an exclusive early release of the slot machine.

Style of Slots

The Atlantis Power Combo slot machine is played on a somewhat larger 54 gameboard with 40 fixed paylines.

This slot has a high volatility and a high return to player percentage of 96.40 percent.

The number of paylines increases to 100 and the playing field size increases to 5×7 during the free spins with nudging wilds bonus round.

This slot is perfect for gamers who are searching for modest wagering options, as the lowest bet each spin is only $0.20 and the highest stake per spin is $20.00.

Players can adjust their wagers using the plus and minus signs in the bottom right corner, or they can use the bet button to choose a commonly used wager, or to set a minimum or maximum wager.

The slot’s rapid spins and turbo spins may be accessed by the “Quick” and “Turbo” buttons, respectively, found in the “Settings” menu accessible from the bottom left menu.

More and more modern games are including a turbo spin feature, as seen by our most recent slot review, Blazing Piranhas.

The slot machine’s background is an animated body of water, and the majority of the game’s settings are accessible via buttons located on the main game board, with the jackpots located to the left and the purchase option in the middle.

Our full HD display shows that this slot has been optimized for lower resolution displays, making the buttons appear fuzzy and pixelated.

Various game elements can be triggered by accumulating scatter coins in the chests at the top of the board.

Capabilities of Slot Machines

The Wild sign may replace any other symbol outside the Scatter and Coin icons, although it only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Once a Nudging Wild lands during the Free Spins bonus, it will continue to nudge until the game ends.

Five free games with nudging wilds on 100 paylines can be triggered by the Red scatter coin, and the board size will change from 35 to 57. Each spin guarantees a Nudge-and-extend Wild symbol covering the entire reel. If the player manages to land a Red scatter during this feature, they will be awarded with extra free games.

During this trigger, we got three separate wilds and a single red scatter that gave us an extra free spin.

Ten free spins with a chance to collect the Grand Bonus reward may be triggered by the Yellow scatter symbol. Prizes ranging from 1x to 10x or letters can be found inside the coin icon. When all letters are sent in, the following reward will be awarded:

Awards in Letters

10,000x G, RA, N, D

500x M,A,J,O,R

To the power of 50: M,I,N,O,R

M,I,N,I 25x

On our tenth try, we hit the Mini and Minor jackpots, two of the three that had been waiting for just one more letter. After being sketched, the letters turn a sunny shade of yellow. We fell one letter short of the Major and two letters short of the Grand. This is arguably the most intriguing aspect, as the tension is built up gradually as the letters are revealed.

The Green scatter can launch 5 free games with a multiplier of up to 10x your wins. The slot machine has a random multiplier of 2, 3, 5, or 10 for each spin. If the player gets another Green scatter, they’ll get more free games.

Scatter combos that land can activate a combined feature, which adds extra free spins to the currently active bonus or activates a new feature altogether. Here are the possible permutations:

Combinatorial Characteristics

Five Free Games featuring Line Multipliers and Nudge Wilds for Red and Green Scatters.

Scatters of red and yellow trigger ten free spins with nudgeable wilds and bonus prizes.

Scatters of Green and Yellow Trigger ten Spins at a Multiplier for the Line Bet and a Chance at Extra Prizes.

Scatter symbols in red, green, and yellow unlock ten bonus games with all available bonuses.

Despite the increased theoretical potential, we have not seen any increased success rates despite having all three features turned on.

Free spins with one, two, or all three characteristics may be purchased directly from the game using the but feature for a set price.

Five free spins with Line Multiplier cost 20x as much as 10 free spins with Bonus Prize Collection cost 45x. The total investment for both Nudging and Line Multiplier is 55x, and for both features plus Bonus Prize Collection, the investment is 65x. If you want all three features, be aware that the price is 110x more.


It’s a shame, since Atlantis Power Combo could have been a great slot game because it’s all about the free spins.

It feels like the free spins are a lazy approach to add complexity and originality to the game, despite the fact that they come with their own characteristics and may be combined.

The jackpot collection was the most exciting and gratifying choice among the three.

Some of our triggers resulted in large rewards, while others resulted in absolutely nothing due to the slot’s extreme volatility.

Among the best performing casinos, Yukon Gold Casino is a great place to test out one of June 2023’s most popular slot machines.

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